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eProduction Solutions, Inc. Introduces the Red Eye® 2G Water-Cut Meter

Kingwood, TX, September 13, 2004

eProduction Solutions (eP), a leader in automation and optimization for production oil and gas fields, announces the release of the Red Eye 2G Water-Cut Meter. By combining the latest in optical sensing technology with experience as the leader in high water-cut measurement, eP has developed a new instrument for accurate phase fraction measurement.

Improving Water-Cut Measurement

The original Red Eye Water-Cut Meter measures the volumetric proportion of oil in a mixture of petroleum and water by passing a beam of infrared light that is absorbed by oil but not water through the stream. It was designed specifically for high water-cut measurements and its performance in that condition is unmatched.

The Red Eye 2G extends this unparalleled performance in both high and low water-cut measurements by simultaneously measuring four infrared wavelengths. These additional frequencies allow it to monitor all levels of water and oil as well as nullify scattering effects. This is a big advantage over other meters that shift when the salinity changes and proves the Red Eye 2G to be a true full range water-cut meter.

Additional notable changes the Red Eye 2G include simplified calibrations, lower cost installation, and an improved user interface.

Dr. John Lievois, eP’s Red Eye Product Line Manager, said: “I am very excited about the potential of this new product. This will revolutionize the water-cut meter market.”

Mechanically, the Red Eye 2G’s new insertion probe design lowers installation costs and simplifies maintenance. The probe uses a one-inch NPT process connection for lower pressure applications or a flange connection for higher pressure applications. The electronics are mounted directly to the measurement probe so there is no field wiring other than power and output signal cable.

The Red Eye 2G’s user interface has also been updated and the configuration software can run on a PC or hand held PDA. The NOC (net oil computer) module can include a local keypad/display interface and/or a wireless link to a hand held PDA for the ultimate in operator convenience. Calibration has been simplified by eliminating the need for real-time reference measurements in exchange for offline oil measurements.

About eProduction Solutions, Inc.

Founded in 2001, eProduction Solutions, Inc., a Weatherford company, is the world's leading production optimization company. The company provides solutions that help lower costs and increase production by delivering advanced products and services that foster innovative approaches to optimizing production. eP helps customers leverage technology to work better, faster, and smarter.

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