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eP Advances the Technology of PanSystem® Well Test Analysis Software

Houston October 24, 2006

eProduction Solutions (eP) a Weatherford (NYSE: WFT) company today announced that it is releasing version 3.3 of PanSystem the popular well test analysis software. The application analyzes well test data for well optimization and reservoir forecasting.

New in this release are customer requested features that include enhanced data import features, efficient large data set analysis, type curve analysis for fracture models, and various usability features. Data can now be imported from any ODBC compliant database including Excel spreadsheets. Additionally, the software can import data from Weatherford's remote monitoring system (RMS) that collects and stores data from its permanent downhole optical sensors.

The plotting routines now provide superior performance with data sets containing as many as twenty-million data points. This allows real-time data use from a variety of systems including Weatherford's optical systems. By using wavelet data reduction technology to filtering the data as it is imported, cleaner data is used from the start providing quicker, more accurate analysis. The resulting (reduced) rate change schedule retains essential character of the original rate channel without swamping the user with unnecessary detail.

Agarwal-Gardner type-curves now include finite conductivity fracture model and type-curve set is 2-dimensional in Fcd and Xf. The type-curve filter facilitates selection of the appropriate group of curves in either dimension.

Additional usability enhancements include cut and paste capability for data importing, easier data editing, type-curve labeling, single click grouping of all flow periods, better looking plots, advanced reporting capabilities, a tighter interface to PanMesh, and computation of layer volumes and off takes.

Dharmesh Mehta, president of eProduction Solutions states, "We are continuing to invest in enhancements to PanSystem and all the EPS Software products. These new features demonstrate the cooperation of eP’s production optimization group and the PanSystem customers. The result of this cooperation delivers functional enhancements that will be used by a large number of PanSystem users."

About eProduction Solutions, Inc.

Founded in 2001, eProduction Solutions, Inc. is the world’s leading production-operations automation and optimization company. The company provides solutions that help lower costs and increase production by delivering advanced products and services that foster innovative approaches to optimizing production. eP helps customers leverage technology to work better, faster, and smarter.

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