Point to Point Microwave Telecommunications System

The Site

eProduction Solutions installed this telecommunications system on the DP1 platform and Halul Island in Qatar for Elf Petroleum Qatar.

The Requirement

To provide voice (Telephone Hot Lines) and data communications for an offshore installation, as well as complete mobile (VHF), Marine and Air Band Radio Systems as a turnkey contract.

The Solution

The system features a space diversity, 1.5 GHz. Microwave link over 43 Km. Dual redundant 1+1 hot standby Microwave transceivers and space diversity antennas, as well as a dual redundant PLC link from onshore SCADA to offshore PLC system. In addition, a voice system including intrinsically safe handheld radios (VHF) with key pads and PABX interface over microwave radio link. A multiplexor providing multiple data and voice circuits including PABX extensions and hot lines via the microwave link. Also provided were Marine and Air Band Radio Systems. Additional services also provided to client included wind loading calculations for antenna systems.

The Benefits

The Telecommunications system is a cost effective solution which met all of the customer’s requirements. Key benefits of the system are:

  • Ease of use, user friendly, Flexible and expandable solution.
  • RF reliability of 99.999% in the Arabian Gulf environment.

Wind Loading Calculations for Antenna Systems

The Services and Solutions

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