HLU Universal High-Low Pilot

HLU Universal High-Low Pilot - One pilot for all pressure ranges.The HLU high or low-pressure pilot is designed to protect equipment and installations against abnormal pressures. The assembly operates as a normally open block-and-bleed device for sensing undesirably low or high pressure conditions. The sensing element can be readily converted from one pressure range to another by reconfiguring its components. All needed parts and diagrams are included with every assembly and conversion can be made by field personnel as operating requirements change.

The pilot body is patterned after the HL-2 design which has years of proven reliability and reflects the same high precision and quality. The HLU universal high-low pilot includes the following features:

  • Complete range of pressure settings within a compact package
  • Four unique configurations to respond to pressures ranging from 25- to 10,000-PSI (1.7- to 689.5-BAR)
  • Constructed of materials in accordance with NACE MR0175-91
  • Standard type 316 SS components can be fabricated from practically any alloy, including:
    • Hastelloy
    • Monel
    • Inconel
    • Duplex

HLU Universal High-Low Pilot Specifications

Supply pressure 125 PSI (8.5 BAR) maximum
Operating temperature -20° to +250°F (-29° to 120°C)
Weight ~3.7 lb. (~1.7 kg.)
Production test Pressure 1.5 x sensed pressure, 10,000 PSI (689.5 BAR) minimum
Set point repeatability <1% of set pressure
Hysteresis or dead band <10% of full range

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
434201 Low pressure sense head assembly, 25- to 150-PSI (1.7- to 10.3-BAR)
434202 Intermediate pressure sense head assembly, 100- to 600-PSI (6.9- to 41.4-BAR)
434203 Medium pressure sense head assembly, 400- to 2,500-PSI (27.6- to 172.4-BAR)
434204 High pressure sense head assembly, 1,600- to 10,000-PSI (110.3- to 689.5-BAR)
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