Subsea Chemical Injection Unit (CIU)

Features of the Subsea Chemical Injection Unit (CIU)

  • Chemical Injection UnitStandard modular design suitable for Zone 1 and 2, Gas Apparatus Group 2A and 2B, Temperature Class T3, hazardous gases area.
  • Methanol injection skid for connection to vessel tote tanks, single dual head pump and 100% manual stroke adjustment.
  • Corrosion inhibitor injection skid sized for two injection points with expansion capability for wax and scale inhibitors.
  • Storage tanks (excluding methanol) sized for 7-day capacity and finished externally to CAC standard chemical storage tank paint specification.
  • Chemical Injection UnitSelf-regulating flow control; valves to maintain constant flow irrespective of input and output pressures.
  • Dual, single head pumps with manual stroke adjustment.
  • Common flow indicators for individual flow control valve calibration.
  • Motor starters provided by others in remote location.

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