Subsea Master Control Station (MCS)

Features of the Subsea Master Control Station

  • Fully enclosed, proprietary powder coated steel enclosure with front and rear access
  • Standard design suitable for safe clean, i.e. non-hazardous area operation and air conditioned environment
  • Subsea Master Control Station (MCS)Dedicated dual channel power supplies, including fault detection to the subsea electronics module
  • Single operator workstation for control and monitoring interfaces
  • 17" color monitor for Windows NT and Wonderware "Intouch" graphics
  • Communications on power system
  • Reliable PLC based controls
  • Dual redundant PLCs configured for "Hot Standby" central processor units, with associated input, output and communications modules
  • Communications based around Neuron 3150 processor chip
  • Two communication channels via Lonworks powerline carrier
  • RS-232 or RS-485 serial channel, accepts commands from Gould Modbus protocol
  • Full diagnostics of power, comms and instrumentation with operator indication
  • Scan time for all inputs 550-ms
  • Control from central control room (DCS) or stand-alone panel
  • Control and monitoring of the subsea wells or subsea process equipment
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