Mechanical Overview of the Subsea Control Module

ROV Installable Subsea Control ModuleThe SCM housing is filled with dielectric fluid prior to installation and is pressure compensated to safeguard against over or under pressurization.

The SCM housing is fabricated from structural steel manufactured to BS EN 10 025 Grade Fe430C or Fe510 D1/D2 and finish painted to our standard subsea paint specification. All hydraulic and electric couplings are manufactured from 316 stainless steel or better.

The hydraulic system consists of self latching solenoid operated shear seal directional control valves mounted on a stainless steel block manifold, with single or dual hydraulic supplies dependent on client’s specifications. Electrically held-open valves can also be mounted in this unit for emergency shutdown (ESD) system functionality if required.

Subsea Control Module Outrigger Mounting BaseIndividual high pressure (HP) and low pressure (LP) hydraulic supply filters are mounted within the control module maintaining fluid cleanliness specifications.

Both hydraulic supplies have pressure transducers to indicate system pressure within the control module.

The tree valve hydraulic actuator inferred status is sensed by individual pressure transducers, integral to the directional control valves, which relay the function line pressures to topside where they may be displayed on the MCS screen and made available to the distributed control system (DCS)/platform control system.

An accumulator can be accommodated within the control module to help prevent pressure drop during valve operations on large step outs. Alternatively, separate subsea accumulator modules can be provided to maintain local pressure levels.

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