Consulting Services

Our range of services includes: production optimization, well data integration, reservoir engineering, field development planning, and reservoir management.

Production Optimization

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  • Well inflow evaluation and optimization
  • Completion optimization
  • Artificial lift design and optimization
  • Well and field gas lift optimization
  • Surface network and facility interface optimization
  • Lift curve generation and VFP table output to 3D simulators
  • Formation damage and sand control
  • Weatherford production optimization projects

Well Data Integration

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Reservoir Engineering

Weatherford provides a comprehensive reservoir engineering service from prospect evaluation through development planning to field abandonment. It can provide a range of services aimed at determining and increasing asset value, ranging from data acquisition and audit, to production optimization, to analytic studies and computer model analysis for field development planning and equity studies.

Field Development Planning

  • Seismic interpretation and geological mapping
  • Reservoir gridding and simulation
  • Volumetrics determination
  • Development strategies
  • Preparation of statutory reports and returns

Reservoir Management: Field Operations

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  • Data acquisition
  • Forecasting
  • Hydrocarbon accounting
  • Workover and infill wells
  • Water and gas injection optimization
  • Reservoir simulation
  • Geological modeling
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