Exceptional Intelligence and Well Site Control with the ePIC™ Rod Pump Controller (RPC)

Weatherford's proven technology has been expanded and enhanced in the ePIC RPC to provide the following advanced functions:

  • Well site alarms and system diagnostics
  • Selected pumping system alarms based on host analysis of well conditions
  • Card area alarms for deep rod part detection and downhole friction identification
  • Programmable Intelligent Control Language (PICL) which provides users the flexibility to modify the control mechanism to adapt to site and well specific conditions.
  • Well site valve checks and CBE determination, available to host analysis systems
  • Improved data storage and trending
  • Enhanced data-logging function which allows any register to be logged and used in application logic

PICL is a simplified way to create well site applications that provide well site intelligence.

  • Event and time based control language
  • Read/modify any numeric parameter, execute command parameters
  • Integer math - add, subtract, multiply, divide, modulus
  • Logical operators - AND, OR, XOR, NOT. Both Boolean and binary (bitwise) forms available

The controller, using patented automatic idle time optimization, can be used to continuously optimize cycle time, even adjusting for power outages, pump wear, tubing leaks or production “kicks”. Air balance control automatically balances pumping units. The peak energy control option can inhibit well operation during peak periods of higher energy costs. The power fail recovery method allows wells to pump down high fluid levels after power failures, and the motor restart protection function prevents motor restart when condensation is present on motor windings.

When a pumping system malfunction or alarm is detected either by the well site RPC or the host software, the controller can be configured to respond in a number of ways - from illuminating a flashing light on the controller box to shutting the well down. The ePIC RPC clearly defines both the identified fault and the action taken by the controller so that the operator can quickly and easily analyze the situation. Time consuming trouble-shooting guesswork is eliminated.

Dynamic Interaction with Analytical Tools

The registers are all available for analytical tools to read and write. This makes the results of any program written in the controller available to host-based analytical programs. The accuracy derived from this architecture allows for more exact analytical control at the well site and more exact analysis at the desktop.

The ePIC RPC gross fluid production calculation includes user-defined pump efficiency values for both deep and shallow wells as well as utilizing the calculated downhole pump stroke information from host software analysis of deep wells.

Simplified Setup and Maintenance with the ePIC Rod Pump Controller

  • Improved and expanded well site configuration screens.
  • New three step load sensor calibration method.
  • Improved RPC interface access to “Energy Management” feature, communication diagnostics, continuous position sensor diagnostics, and load cell setup and diagnostics.

ePIC Rod Pump Controller Enhanced I/O Configuration

The ePIC RPC includes programmable I/O for unique analog, meter, and discrete monitoring and control applications. With the ePIC RPC, operators can fine-tune their wells using operational set points and are notified of load-based and other alarms immediately.

  • Simple new I/O configuration menu.
  • Improved analog I/O logging method.
  • Auto-acting I/O functions provide easily configured control capabilities.
  • Expanded event action options.

ePIC Rod Pump Controller

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