PanSystem® 2011 Software

PanSystem software is a robust yet easy-to-use software that simplifies complex transient well testing through detailed analysis, simulation and reporting. PanSystem software is dedicated to transient well testing and has the unique capability to obtain information from within the reservoir surrounding the well and present the appropriate testing and analysis techniques that provide important reservoir parameters:

  • Permeability of the reservoir-at-large and, in some cases, the near-wellbore region
  • Completion efficiency, effective open interval size (over the life of the well)
  • Reservoir structure (boundaries, heterogeneities)
  • Reservoir pressure
  • Nature of any pressure support
  • Drainage area, connected pore volume and initial hydrocarbons in place
  • Vertical permeability, vertical communication in layered systems
  • Well performance (over the life of the well)
  • Communication between wells
  • Deliverability and production forecasts

What is new for version 2011?

  • Completely revised graphical interface enabling more efficient and intuitive use
  • Introduced a workflow based architecture to help guide the user through an analysis session and improved graphical interaction
  • Improved appeal and efficiency of use to the industry, while retaining expert use tool ability
  • Improved product stability and fuller use of the multiple graphics interface (MDI) capabilities
  • Significantly improved processing speed in the preparation and analysis of large datasets
  • Russian language support
  • Added an analytical model for a horizontal well with multiple hydraulic fractures for analysis, simulation and forecasting in shale gas environments

How does this tool help improve job performance?

  • Improved and more intuitive product uptake by end users, with guidance through the workflow to less experienced users
  • Pressure transient analysis is a key part of extending the reservoir into the well environment
  • Improved user experience and efficiency of use
  • Retained expert tool appeal while improving the graphical interaction and access to core functionality
Collaborators PanSystem software will be released in an enterprise edition enabling network level collaboration within a client organization on all aspects of pressure transient analysis
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