ReO Forecast™ 2011 Software

ReO Forecast software, a powerful companion program to ReO software, is an ideal tool for production forecasting, facilities design and sizing and reservoir development planning. It couples ReO® results of surface network modeling with sub-surface modeling applications such as material balance or reservoir simulators. This integrated solution helps the operator to make accurate production predictions over the life of the asset.

What is new for version 2011?

  • Compatibility with Windows® 7, 64 bit

How does this tool help improve job performance?

Engineers The software offers unprecedented flexibility and powerful calculation methodology to analyze and optimize production and perform business planning in the design, operations and forecast phases.
Collaborators Integrates reservoir, production and process teams to ensure that the software results can be realistically implemented in the field and the production forecasting is based on the model which covers the entire production system–reservoir to sales point
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