Typical Applications for ReO Forecast™ Software

ReO Forecast: Simple oil production profile.
Simple oil production profile.

ReO Forecast: All wells GOR and oil.
All wells GOR and oil.

ReO Forecast: Plot showing oil rate and water cut development.
Plot showing oil rate and water cut development.

Field Development Optimization

Evaluate different field development scenarios for green field assets. ReO Forecast software can be used to determine optimal development phasing, well drilling and workover schedules and sizes for surface equipment to maximize overall return on investment. The application allows the user to create, analyze, and contrast predicted profiles for different development scenarios quickly and efficiently.

Investment Decision Support

ReO Forecast software establishes the production gain over time resulting from investment in additional wells, well workovers, or enhanced surface equipment. It uses this information as input into net present value calculation to support investment decisions.

Validation of Subsurface Production Plans

It establishes whether proposed surface facilities are sufficient to achieve proposed reservoir depletion and management plans. Production profiles generated highlight discrepancies quickly and accurately.

Gas Contract Optimization

ReO Forecast software determines achievable gas daily contract quantities for gas assets over time to avoid costly breaches of delivery contracts later in field life.

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