Key Technical Features of ReO Forecast™ Software

  • Production forecasting and optimization from reservoir to delivery point through integration of surface network, well, and reservoir modeling.
  • Well modeling is provided by the WellFlo® product or use of parameterized inflow performance relationships (IPRs) and tubing performance tables.
  • Reservoir modeling is provided by the MatBal® product or in the form of tabulations of cumulative offtake, reservoir pressure, and evolving GOR and water cut versus time sourced from other applications.
  • Manual and automated drilling schedules and well abandonment priorities can be defined including choice of abandonment criteria.
  • Production events (e.g. changes in water handling capacity, surface network configuration changes) can be defined at any time step for any point in the surface network.
  • Choice of production rules can be defined to suit different reservoir management strategies.
  • Combined peak rate and daily contract quantity (DCQ) calculations for gas contracts.
  • Extensive plotting facility to visualize asset performance over time and compare and contrast different asset development scenarios.

In addition to evolving reservoir pressure, aquifer influx, etc., information from MatBal, well behavior from WellFlo, and optimum well rates from ReO® software, ReO Forecast software allows the user to describe the reservoir using a reservoir simulation model. With this feature, ReO Connect, users are able to link ReO Forecast software dynamically to reservoir simulators thus combining the power of rigorous reservoir simulation with state-of-the-art surface model simulation and optimization.

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