ReO® 2011 Software

ReO software provides simulation and optimization solutions for surface networks incorporating practically every piece of equipment from wellhead to the processing plant. The application simulates the total production system behavior and concurrently optimizes the production. It does this while honoring the user-defined constraints, including economic models, which typically results in substantial production increases and/ or reductions in operating costs. The application's unique integrated simulation and optimization approach enables users to handle large and complex networks with ease.

What is new for version 2011?

  • Network trimming visualization
  • Network copy-and-paste, including constraints
  • ReO-LOWIS™ software integration for ESP wells
  • Toolbar and equipment graphics update

How does this tool help improve job performance?

  • Its flexibility enables engineers to build and analyze complicated network models efficiently
  • Assists the engineer with running the asset at optimum condition for maximizing the recovery and proactive field management to minimize production loss
  • Identify and proactively mitigate flow interruptions caused by hydrate, wax or asphaltene deposits
Collaborators Integrates reservoir, production and process teams to ensure that the software results can be realistically implemented in the field and the production forecasting is based on the model which covers the entire production system–reservoir to sales point
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