Fluid Modeling

ReO® software offers both black oil and compositional pressure/volume/temperature (PVT) models for accurate phase behavior predictions of gas-oil-water systems at a wide range of temperatures and pressures which are commonly encountered in production networks. For black oil PVT, a range of industry standard correlations (Standing, Glaso, Petrosky-Farshad, etc) are available. The compositional PVT is based on equation of state. Six equations of state–including Peng-Robinson and Soave Redlich Kwong are incorporated in ReO software. The fluid data library supplied with the application has component properties up to C45 including many commonly found inorganic components. This allows users to enter the compositional PVT data quickly.

ReO Software - Fluid component modeling.
Fluid component modeling

Mixing of fluids plays an important role in the surface production network and ReO software handles the mixing of fluids of different compositions efficiently. For compositional PVT, the application uses the common fluid description approach which enables the accurate mixing of fluids without affecting the CPU time of flash calculations.

The novel black oil to compositional translating algorithm allows users to mix black and compositional PVT data sets and use the sophisticated equation of state calculation engine for optimization.

ReO software reports fluid composition at all nodes in the network. This is highly valuable in tracking the composition of key inorganic components like CO2 or H2S. This reporting also helps in monitoring the composition of injected gas, especially in water alternating gas (WAG) processes.

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