Technical Features

WellFLo® Software Applications

The WellFlo software package is a single well tool which uses nodal analysis techniques to model reservoir inflow and well outflow performance. WellFlo modeling can be applied to designing, optimizing and troubleshooting individual wells. Specific applications for which the software can be used include:

  • Well configuration design for maximum performance over life of well
  • Completion design to maximize well performance over the life of well
  • Artificial lift design
  • Prediction of flowing temperatures and pressures in wells and flowlines and at surface equipment for optimum design calculations
  • Reservoir, well and flowline monitoring
  • Generate vertical lift performance curves for use in reservoir simulators

As well as these applications, the software has two key internal sub-applications which can be used stand alone from the rest of the program and offer the user an excellent engineering toolkit.

  • Detailed reservoir inflow performance modeling
  • Multiple completion and perforation models
  • Detailed skin analysis
  • Detailed fluid PVT modeling
  • Black oil models for oil and gas
  • Equation of State models for condensate and volatile oil
  • Laboratory data matching
  • Fluid behavior prediction

Typical Application

Naturally Flowing Wells

WellFlo Software Analysis Section
WellFlo Software Analysis Section

WellFlo software allows approximate modeling when only limited aspects of a well can be entered such as well PI and local reservoir pressure. This approach of allowing approximate modeling with limited information or detailed modeling where the information is available makes WellFlo software a very flexible well modeling tool.

Gas Lift Design and Optimization

Multiple gas lift valves can be modeled, and WellFlo software is supplied with all the standard gas lift calculations. Users can enter the response of the well and field to varying amounts of injection gas and injection pressure as sensitivity variables. The software can include interfaces to accurate valve models from Valve Performance Clearing House.

Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) Design and Analysis

WellFlo ESP software is widely used as a design tool by oil companies and pump suppliers to design and diagnose ESP installations. It models the performance of the pump in-situ taking account of the well’s completion and the PVT properties of the fluid being pumped. The software contains a database of pump performance from all of the leading manufacturers, which can be updated by the user as new pumps become available. When WellFlo ESP software performs a Design calculation, a number of pumps will be proposed for a particular well if required and the system will calculate the number of stages and the power and current required for the designed installation. Variable speed drives (VSDs) and pump performance can be modeled at selected frequencies. Gas separators and their efficiencies are included, enabling the engineer to ensure that the gas flow through the pump remains within acceptable engineering limits.

Once well models have been built and matched to measured data in WellFlo software, they can be combined into field models in ReO® software. The operating conditions are optimized for the entire field including the network of surface flowlines, compressors, separators, and lift gas distribution systems. This allows the engineer to review many different scenarios to ensure optimum field production is achieved.

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