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WellFLo® Software's Data Export and Import

Data Export Interface
Data Export Interface

WellFlo data export tools generate vertical flow table data in DOS or UNIX format for use in Eclipse™, VIP® and other reservoir simulators. These files are simply pasted into the control decks for the simulator. Therefore, it becomes practical to generate a vertical flow profile table for every well in a field appropriate to that particular well. Without this direct link to simulators, a ‘typical’ table is used for all wells due to the shear impracticality of generating one table per well.

Report files can be generated in tab-separated form to allow easy export of data to word processing and spreadsheet packages. The ability to ‘cut and paste’ in the Windows® environment allows very efficient generation of reports including graphs and other screen captures. A graphics export option also allows plots to be saved directly to file in a number of formats.

  • UNIX and DOS flowing pressure file generation for Eclipse, VIP, CHEARS™, SimBest™ I and II, IMEX™, MoReS™, GCOMP, COM4, sensor reservoir simulators and a multi-well batch mode is available for some outputs
  • Key-worded file output available for data transfer to other applications
  • Graphics export facility saves plots directly to file (BMP, GIF, JPG and TIF formats)
  • Reports can be opened directly in Word, Excel, etc.

Measured pressure-depth or pressure and rate data can be imported into the WellFlo data repository and plotted on the same graphs as the model’s prediction. This significantly reduces the time taken to produce a matched data model. An auto-regression option will estimate the optimum flow correlation tuning factor by a least-squares fit to the measured data.

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