Technical Features

Inflow and Completion Modeling with WellFlo® Software

Inflow Performance Plot Comparing Multiple IPR Methods
Inflow performance plot comparing multiple IPR methods.

Well inflow is an important factor in a well’s performance. The WellFlo interface allows you to enter a PI, reservoir pressure and inflow model such as Vogel, if your information is limited. Alternatively, detailed completion data including damaged zone, well deviation, partial penetration, perforating specification, gravel pack information and fracture geometry can all be entered to predict the effect on well deliverability (this can be done for both vertical and horizontal wells).

Relative Permeability Interface
Relative permeability interface.

A multilayer model is included for composite systems, with each layer having its own fluid, completion and inflow model. This benefits petroleum engineers who are designing new completions or diagnosing problems in performance. A sophisticated constant mass flow rate inflow model can be used to include relative permeability effects. These can be entered through tables or Corey coefficients. This provides an extremely accurate technique for performance forecasting in condensate and gas cap drive reservoirs, and is especially useful in predicting performance as reservoir conditions and phase fractions change in these fields.

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