Technical Features

Pressure Traverse and Temperature Calculations With WellFLo® Software

Pressure and Temperature Versus Depth Analysis for a Gas Lift Well
Pressure and temperature versus depth analysis for a gas lift well.

The pressure drop and temperature change between the bottom of the well and the surface is normally the largest drop in the system. WellFlo pressure drop analysis incorporates all the important correlations for this calculation. The temperature modeling options include manual definition of temperature at each node, calculated and calibrated heat loss models and a coupled temperature-pressure model. This allows you to define heat loss factors either through the system’s calculation or by direct input.

Plots of measured data and predictions can be shown simultaneously on-screen allowing rapid matching. When performing pressure traverse calculations you have the option to capture other data instead of pressure and temperature, such as in situ phase densities and velocities, flow regime, and hold-up plus the gravitational, frictional and acceleration terms of the pressure drop. This data can be very useful in determining, for example, if erosional velocity limits are being exceeded.

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