Technical Features

WellFlo® Software Pseudo-Pressure File Generator (PPFG)

The multiphase PPFG (link with third-party physical vapour transport (PVT) packages) is an additional application which creates a table of multiphase pseudo-pressures from the customer’s own PVT. This allows the client to use his own PVT modeling package where he prefers to do so. The multiphase pseudo-pressures generated by PPFG can then be imported into WellFlo software for use in IPR calculations.

The PVT data are generated by the user’s preferred PVT package and supplied to the software in the form of an ASCII file containing a table of phase properties versus pressure at a specified (reservoir) temperature. Properties required are viscosity, density and, for oil and condensate systems, gas mass fraction.

PPFG interfaces with WellFlo software via an external API link to extract the relative permeability data which is part of the well and reservoir model contained in the well file.

The generator then creates a multiphase pseudo-pressure file. This can be imported into the software and used as the basis for layer IPR calculations. The use of external PVT data is an alternative to the use of the software’s own internal PVT models (4-component EoS, black oil correlations, etc).

Each layer in the WellFlo model can be assigned its own pseudo-pressure file and each pseudo-pressure file can be generated from a different set of PVT data so the accurate modeling of variations in fluid properties with depth and their effect on IPR becomes possible.

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