Technical Features

New to WellFlo® 4.0 Software

This new version represents a major step forward in systems analysis, providing a new level of power, sophistication, flexibility and ease of use. All of this in a modern, intuitive, workflow-based user interface. The following is a sampling of features that users will find in the latest release.

  • Completely new graphical interface
  • Data input de-coupled from creation of nodes
  • Improvements to temperature model
  • Major enhancements to equipment catalogs
  • Internationalization support which provides easy translation to any language
  • All new, interactive gas lift design tool incorporating true valve performance
  • Improvements to reporting and plotting
  • Ability to retain and organize any report or plot for future reference
  • Dashboard showing overview of well parameters and model selections
  • Sachdeva choke model
  • Support for OLGAS 2000 steady-state multiphase flow correlation
  • Enhancements to liquid loading calculations including addition of Coleman method
  • Pressure and temperature survey matching
  • Tuning of inflow performance relationship to measured data, including THP to BHP calculation
  • Tuning of PVT parameters
  • Tuning of well parameters to match well performance measurements
  • Ability to import and filter data from Excel spreadsheets
  • COM interface to external utilities and engineering applications
  • Ability to create custom charts from calculated profiles including wellbore flow regime distribution
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