Production Optimization Overview

Hardware, software, and people to create specific solutions.

Weatherford’s broad range of solutions and depth of technical expertise offer the client unmatched capabilities. Working closely with you, we help identify the best ways to increase production, reduce operating costs, and improve monitoring and analysis at the well, reservoir and field level. This provides a progression of optimization from simple to very complex while providing integrated solutions that focus on a wide range of needs. As a result, personnel from pumpers to reservoir engineers can use our solutions and interact in ways never before possible.
While each of Weatherford’s solutions focus on either well, reservoir, or field optimization, their benefits overlap. The benefits are represented in the chart below that shows the typical progression of comprehensive optimization. Through ongoing support and collaboration, Weatherford and the client are able to engineer and implement production optimization solutions that achieve a “gestalt” or a value greater than the sum of the individual system components.

Downhole sensor systems Continuous downhole pressure measurement Full-field SCADA systems
Lift system surveillance, analysis, and design Distributed temperature sensing and analysis Full-field management software
Multiphase metering Pressure transient and interference analysis Operations cost and failure management
Inflow-outflow analysis Optimum well spacing Optimum platform location selection
Multizone flow control Infill well locations Design and optimization of surface and subsea gathering systems
Workover, failure, and cost management Production/profit forecasts Real-time, full-field performance models
Work flow management Best completion practices selection Work flow management
Real-time well performance models Injection conformance analysis Full-field asset reviews
Well reviews Real-time EOR optimization Field-development/facilities planning
Control systems Full-field simulation studies  
  Real-time reservoir performance models  

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Production Optimization Overview
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