LiftAdvisorSM Analysis Services

Weatherford has a knowledgeable and experienced staff of well analysts ready to assist you with optimizing your wells. You can think of it as your own analysis team available when you need them. The goal of these services is to provide you with information so you can make profitable decisions. All these services are optional so you can choose those that will provide your company the most benefits. Analysis services include:

Controller Tuning–After the system is first deployed we will remotely tune your wells. Optimal pump-off set points and idle time for rod pump will be determined. Inferred production and base runtime will also be setup.

Standard Analysis Report–With the right information, we can provide a complete analysis report. For rod pumping, this includes downhole cards, current surface and downhole components, current operating parameters, and an economic analysis of energy usage.

Detailed Analysis Report–This report has all the information that is found in the Standard Analysis Report plus our analysts will further analyze the well, point out areas of concern, and make recommendations based on their years of experience.

Dedicated Analyst–With this service, one of our well analysts will be assigned to your wells. Each week they will check on your wells using a combination of our industry leading software and their field experience. Our analysts will then notify you of any issues that may be affecting the performance of your wells. If you have any problems with your well, you can also notify the analyst and they will look at your well remotely and provide feedback. The goal of this service is to be proactive rather than reactive and identify problems before they become costly.

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