Advantages & Benefits of LiftAdvisorSM Service

Advantages of LiftAdvisor Service

  • Web-based well status
  • Quick deployment
  • Experienced well analysts available
  • Advanced wellsite hardware
  • Simplified communication
  • No capital investment
  • Scalable solution

Benefits of LiftAdvisor Service

  • Determination of pump condition, pump fillage, tubing anchor condition, gas compression, pump spacing, etc.
  • More accurate top of stroke, RPC pump off, and malfunction set-point determination
  • Correct pumping unit gearbox loading, including unit unbalance and counterbalance requirements to properly balance the unit
  • Accurate pumping unit walking beam (pumping unit structure) loading
  • Correct peak rod stress calculations
  • Correct pump displacement, which can be used to verify well testing results, as well as to track downhole pump efficiency
  • Calculated fluid levels–the user no longer has to depend solely on manual fluid level tests
  • More accurate calculated fluid level trends
  • Calculated pump intake pressure (PIP) accuracy
  • Accurate electrical cost calculation
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