Verge™ Software - A Clearer Production Picture

Data can be easily aggregated and consolidated to provide the right information to the person or groups that need it. The powerful calculation engine has over one hundred twenty functions. The functions can be linked to create complex expressions and calculations to accurately describe well behaviors and provide statistical analysis for engineers and field personnel.

The calculation engine’s predefined functions include:

  • Statistical analysis
  • Lookups and interpolations
  • Conditional calculations
  • Gas compressibility calculations
  • Tank volumes
  • Data formatting and clean-up
    • Smoothing and noise reduction
    • Moving averages and totals

The software includes recovery and depletion monitoring, validation of remedial work effectiveness, and early detection of performance problems.

Better Decision Making with Verge Software

Verge Engineering Surveillance Software -
Chart Montage.

Verge software provides tools for enhancing your individual decision making or group collaboration. With all decision makers having access to the same information, the process is streamlined.

Asset managers and stake-holders are able to visualize data trends, evaluate operations, and make important workover well profiles and predictions. Using easy-to-access-and-interpret graphics, built-in calculators, and charting tools enables immediate and concise decision making.

Simple, yet comprehensive user and security management ensures that access to data is controlled. Access is secure and completely user-defined.

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