ReO® - Production Simulation and Optimization Software

Typical pay back times for investments in ReO can vary from as little as two weeks to a few months.

ReO software provides simulation and optimization solutions for surface networks incorporating practically every piece of equipment from wellhead to the processing plant. The application simulates the total production system behavior and concurrently optimizes the production honoring the user-defined economic model which typically results in substantial production increases and/or reductions in operating costs.

Typical pay back times for investments in ReO software can vary from as little as two weeks to a few months–depending on operating conditions and production parameters.

The program is based on leading technology in the areas of fluid modeling, process simulation, optimization and software design to provide the most accurate engineering and economic solutions. Its flexibility enables engineers to build complicated network models very efficiently. The applications unique integrated simulation and optimization approach allows users to handle large and complex networks with ease.

The program was developed using technology that allows integration with Weatherford’s current and future production optimization software solutions. ReO Forecast™ software, a powerful companion program, allows users to couple ReO data with sub-surface modeling applications such as material balance or reservoir simulators. This integrated solution enables the operator to make accurate production predictions over the life of the asset. The software offers unprecedented flexibility and powerful tools to analyze and optimize production and perform business planning in the design, operations and forecast phases. Being part of Weatherford’s Field Office™ suite means ReO’s data and results are seamlessly integrated with WellFlo® and MatBal® applications..

Why Reo Software?

Robust, Reliable and Versatile

  • Highly sophisticated engineering mathematical models coupled with the optimizer ensures that the process physics, in every component of process equipment, is honored during the optimization calculations.
  • ReO models have been built for various assets with varying degrees of complexity–many with hundreds of gas-lifted wells and thousands of pipes. The software has an unrivaled track record for robustness both in terms of reliability and solution time for even the most complicated assets.
  • ReO models have been stress tested in online systems running four different scenarios four times a day for more than a year without a significant failure rate.

Efficient, Fast and Easy to Use

  • The novel solver approach makes it applicable to a large variety of advanced production and asset management problems.
  • The program’s drag and drop user interface is highly intuitive. Bulk data entry and edit facilities allow fast and efficient model building. Results plotting and visualization aid effective outcome interpretation

    ReO Software

  • The ReO solver has been designed for speed and efficiency. In contrast to many other available software packages, the program solution times stay acceptable as problem complexity increases.

Open Interface

  • The well documented COM interface allows user to integrate ReO software with third party well modeling software, downstream process simulators or even Excel™.
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